Friday, January 7, 2011

Researching silicone-based adhesives the Eclectic E6000 is the same formula as Eclectic Goop but with a different viscosity.  I am always going to lean towards something I can locally in a pinch.  I should also offer the caveat that you have to be in the United States because apparently in Canada they replace toluene (more flammable) with perchlorethylene (a known carcinogen).

I received a fabric sample of To Be or Not To Bee Honeycomb Black that I found before I created my custom print pattern.  This is the last 3/4 yards of it on the planet and as far as I know it is no longer in print.  But if it was I would have used it as a compromise so luckily it isn't.

I heard back from Fabric On Demand but apparently they can't read a JPEG attachment so I resent the email so we haven't even gotten to the proof stage yet but I asked if they can match the repeat rate from the image below.

I also heard back from William Rollins at Light Tape Innovations:
Our EL material can be cut to just about any shape and then provide the leads to the lamp for power.  As long as the positive lead is on one side of the scribe line and the negative lead is on the other, you can attach the leads virtually anywhere on the back of the lamp since the entire back is conductive.  As far as the tape goes, you are welcome to cut the tape to length, field seal the end, and then attach a new connector housing.  We supply all the parts you need to make the connections and it is a simple process.  
If you want to know if you can get a 2.25” wide piece of lamp and cut it yourself, the answer is generally no.  If you need to cut a roll of Light Tape into specific lengths, that’s fine because it does not change the surface area ratio between hemispheres.  If you want to take a piece of pre-scored lamp and cut complex shapes from it, generally, that would be impossible.
We do not sell user customizable sheets.  We sell rolls of tape that the customer can cut to length.  Any custom cutting of shapes though, we have to do here.

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