Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One of the two molds are done... waiting for more urethane to be delivered Friday so I can finish.

I started growing concerned about the kids playing with the molds and stuff so I moved everything down to the man-cave (basement) this morning.

New proof came in... gave them the go-ahead!

Another problem is the subminiature slide switch.  The one that is installed at the factory is part of a PCB and has a 3cm span from post hole to post hole but I can't find a panel-mount switch like that for sale.  So now it looks like I am going to have to put my own board on there just to install a switch at that location.  More on that after I hit up the local Radio Shack.


  1. By any chance, are you planning on selling the hexagon fabric? If so, how fast could you ship it out?

  2. Hey xonlx - yeah I was planning to... we just finalized the proof and have a printed sample coming from the manufacturer. I can mail the sample to you after I get it if you want to take a look. The stuff is pretty pricey because it is a custom print on Lycra Spandex. $41 a yard and no volume discount until we hit 10 yards. If you need it ASAP I can have it to you in 7 days... $5 flat shipping be it 1 or 10 yards. If we can get a few people interested in the fabric I would be willing to put in a bulk order.

  3. In fact I just added a page for the fabric at http://orpex.blogspot.com/p/hexagon-fabric.html

    It has a Google Group attached so we can have a separate mailing list just for people interested in the fabric.

  4. Okay, sounds great. Then I am definitely interested in ordering 1 yard and I would need it ASAP.
    But first, I would need the funds to transfer to my paypal, so once that is complete, I can send the payment over immediately. And then you could ship the fabric out and I'd get it in about 7 days.
    Would that work?

  5. Yeah, that will work. I will try to get a checkout button added to the new hexagon fabric page tonight.