Saturday, January 15, 2011

Received my order of EL wire from EL Wire Pros but they didn't get the special instructions section from the Yahoo! checkout process for some reason so we are missing an inch.  I spoke with Darrel Davis today (on a Saturday) and he is going to fix it ASAP.

It also isn't as bright as I had expected.  I am not sure what frequency the inverter outputs at but I have a query in at EL Wire Pros to get the answer.  They said the manufacturer's site looked like it was hacked so they couldn't get the spec sheet.  Ultimately I am concerned that EL wire is specifically for applications where the wire itself is visible (as opposed to lighting from within).

I placed an order from Coolight which sells the brand-name LyTec 2.5mm EL wire which is supposedly the brightest in the world and Coollight inverters run at 3kHz.  If this doesn't make the difference I am going to upgrade pre-orders to the LEDmod version at no extra charge and take the ELmod version off the table.

Got the Dremel 300 today in the mail but not the cutting bit yet so I can't start cutting plastic yet.  I am also waiting for my molding/casting kit so I can't start reproducing parts.


  1. I've been reading your page these past few days and I'm really interested to see how your suit turns out. I'm currently debating ordering a disk from you lol. I was wondering if you had taken a look at LED Ribbon for your suit as well. It's a bit pricey, but it really has the style/effect of the Tron movie suits.

  2. I have looked at the LED ribbon but my concern is diffusing the "hot spots" out. Ultimately the current plan for our costumes is to use a product from Elec2Go called "cuttable EL foil" which is equally expensive but almost exactly the appearance! Check out