Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I was at Target last night to get a present for a friend's birthday and my daughter wanted to look at the toys.  Lo and behold they had the Sam Flynn's Deluxe Identity Disc for $15 so I went ahead and got it (I didn't get anything for her but she liked playing with the disc).

The lighting and sound is pretty lame but the plastic molding and design has a lot of potential.  This morning I ordered a prototyping kit so I can figure out what has happened with USB programming and microcontroller technology in the last 10 years.  I also immediately got the LED kit (even though I will need to buy a gross of  ultra-bright white LEDs).  Total so far on prototyping is $113 but to manufacture additional discs it could be as little as $30 for all the electronics!  I estimate I can sell these for $90 a piece and make a little for my time.

Alternatively I can just embed an inverter and battery and run a loop of EL wire for a lot cheaper.  If you could buy the EL version for $50 would you do it?  No power-up effects or rotation of the blade... but if it is going to stay on your costume it would be sick.

I also ordered a swatch of a custom print on Lycra for $5.  Here is the image I submitted to them.  I will post pictures of the fabric when it comes.  I am going to talk with them after getting the sample to see how much we could get a yard for if we order in bulk because a lot of people are looking for this print.

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