Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Found this company to possibly do the PC boards but their ExpressSCH (circuit design) doesn't have the Atmel ATmega168 (PDIP-28) IC on the component list.  I wrote the company to see what gives... here is there reply:
All of the component models that we have are included with the ExpressPCB layout and the ExpressSCH schematic programs.  For other parts you can make your own.  Please see the online help within the programs for more information.  From the "Help" menu, select the program's "User's Manual", then look for the topic "Making Custom Components".
It is evident that preorders allow me to buy in bulk and will save everyone cash in the long run.  These custom PCBs are looking like they are around $20 a piece if I order 8 right away.

I ordered the Dremel 300 with 25 accessories and the 9903 Tungsten Carbide Cutter bit through Walmart.  This special bit is to remove the inner C ring from the back of the unit.  The cutoff discs that the kit comes with will be used to remove the one on the front (from inside).

I ordered a complete room temperature vulcanization urethane molding kit for the inner C ring as well as clear casting resin from Tap Plastics for $113.

I made an offer of $100 on a set of male and female pinnable mannequins on eBay which are in our size... much cheaper than the traditional dress form and more relevant since it has sleeves!

I was also curious if I could do some sound effects from the ATmega168 for the identity disc.  It turns out that for decent sound we need 22kbps (mono) which for one second we are already out of flash memory onboard.  Here is an article I found on StackOverflow... now I am hunting for an article on connecting external flash ROM.

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