Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The fabric swatch came today! We are a little off on the scale somehow but it is very encouraging. It is about $35 a yard because it is custom printed on Lycra Spandex. Only plan on a yard for Quorra but up to three (3) yards for Sam.  I have them running a new swatch at 14% larger scale with a 25% increase in brightness of the hexagons themselves.

The mold and cast kit came today.  The bit for the Dremel came today.  The white LEDs came today.  Dress forms should arrive today (weather permitting).  Hopefully the two (2) different orders of EL wire will arrive today too so we can wrap that testing up.

I had a little time this morning to evaluate the viability of a "dumb" LEDmod version (no microcontroller) but the problem is you can't (to my knowledge) connect 72 LEDs in series (too much voltage needed) or parallel (subtle manufacturing differences will cause differences in output).

I made a little video of a 4 LED test... the refresh rate on the camera picks up the fact that they are cycling but your eyes can't tell.  Only one is actually on at any given time.  You may also notice that they appear on and off in a sequence (that is deliberate, these are blade posts).


  1. where did you order the fabric swatch?

  2. Hi Brandon! It is a custom fabric printer:

    I stopped using them because of their poor customer service and exorbitant rates.