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Identity Disc Mount
I have had a lot of people ask me about the mount for the disc.  Finding something that has a taper with a section that fits flush (4.25") inside the inner ring of the Deluxe Identity Disc is the hardest part.  Well look no further!

Smucker's Lemonade and Smucker's Strawberry Lemonade

The top of that container is perfect.  And the lemonade tastes better than Countrytime.  I get them at my local Costco.

You need:

Plastic primer spraypaint (like Rustoleum)
PlastiDip spraypaint (black)
EasyCast epoxy (70mL)
Rare-Earth Iridium Magnets
Xacto knife
Release agent (silicone-based)
Adhesive (like E6000)

Using the top of the label cut the top off of the container with an xacto blade.
Remove the lid and spray release agent around the inside bottom of the cap.
Screw the lid back on and pour about 1/4" epoxy (70mL) from the inside, let cure for one day.
Remove lid (discard) and let cure another day.
Wipe off release agent.  Spray inside and out with plastic primer.  This step takes a week or so to completely dry.
Coat in PlastiDip and let cure for another day.
Use E6000 to bond four half-inch by half-inch cylinder magnets where the "dots" on the identity disc inner ring line up.

There is room inside for battery storage, inverters, etc.

I will deliver a completed disc mount using these methods for $70 for those of you who don't want to DIY (mostly for the labor since it is time consuming and takes more than a week from start to finish).