Saturday, January 8, 2011

My folks came through and found an additional 5 of the identity discs at another Target (cleaned them out)!

Received my microcontroller kit in the mail today.  The three items on the left are for the LED array.  These are red LEDs for me to play with.

I tried ordering the white ones from LED-DNA but I kept getting an error message when I am redirected to their PayPal checkout
This recipient is currently unable to receive money.
So I am not holding my breath for LED-DNA I instead found another source on eBay called bestshop2008hk, they sell 3000 of the 5mm Flat Top white LED Wide Angle light 20000MCD for $190 with shipping, that is $0.06 a piece!

I took the Deluxe Identity Disc apart tonight to see how much room there will be and how the plastic blade rim was attached.  It should be a lot of fun!

The three different layers

Before gutting the electronics

Gutted except for the battery pack

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  1. Looking forward to more progress and pics on this one. It's gotta be tough taking out all those electronics, but in the end it has shown to be worth it.