Friday, February 11, 2011

Programming - 99% done... just working on the button release detection part.  Will post source code here hopefully today!

The LiPo I had ordered won't fit... not enough room between the LED's.  I am scrambling now - I found one that I am sure will fit now but it is only 200mAh.  Still should last 4 hours.  The charger that came with the kit I ordered is not balancing which is sorta lame.  So I am trying to find a charger today and a cable.

Sorry I have been bad about taking pictures!  The front of the disc came out looking really sharp.  LEDs are all mounted... still waiting for the controller (probably tomorrow according to USPS) and the jumper wires.  Assuming I get all these parts I will be set to ship out the first completed disc next week!


  1. how about rechargeable Lithium-ion CR123A in holders around the inside portion of the disc?

  2. Nice! I am going to get me a set... would have to have a minimum of 3 wired in series (recommended voltage for the microcontroller board is 7V). The mAh rating on those CR123A's is incredible. I can't believe how worthless the A23's actually are!