Saturday, February 19, 2011

I am devistated!

I managed to burn out two voltage regulators when I hooked up to the LiPo battery for the first time.  Anyone have a clue why because I don't!  My multimeter says 8.1VDC which is well within the 7-12VDC recommendation from Arduino.  Now I have the 8.1VDC hooked up to the 5V port which works but I don't know for how long.

Second issue is that the long-awaited jumpers aren't working out like I thought they would - mainly because they are too long.  I tried cutting them back but then they no longer contact solidly which means I will have to solder to the pins.

Minor issue is the slider switch I glued into place - I managed to glue the sliding switch itself by putting too much adhesive on the sides which leaked into the open canal for the switch inside.


  1. what amperage is the regulator rated for? that's why I always burn em out it seems. just too much amperage.

  2. Another guy at work asked the same question... I thought the current is limited by what the regulator is supplying voltage to (in this case, the Arduino Nano only pulls about 10-20mA). I am going to get you the actual part the used and see if they lied to us about the input tolerances. I had no problem when I tested the whole setup on a 9V battery.

  3. I can't say from experience as I've never used a Arduino, but it's very similiar to the Netdunio I've been using. The way the Netduino works is it has two possible inputs for the main power:
    1. a 7.5-12V input at pin 24 (Vin), when used, this outputs 5V on pin 21 (I think, don't have my specs immediately handy).
    2. a 5V input at pin 21 (again, I think)
    Hooking up 8.1V to the 5V input could possibly damage your Arduino. Again, I don't know for sure as I've never worked with an Arduino, but the Netduino is pin compatible with Arduino shields, so the pinout should be the same.

  4. Oh...I should mention the pins I mentioned above are on the Netduino Mini...but I know the Netduino (regular) is pin compatible with the Arduino Shields.