Sunday, February 13, 2011

Found this cool site to format my source code for posting on Blogger.

Anyway we had some issues come up with PET resin casts... they shrink slightly and have a tacky surface cure. This makes extracting them from the mold extremely easy but they fingerprint easy and they are just slightly smaller than the original. I was thankful it didn't turn out to be some oddity with the RTV Urethane molds! Those suckers are pricey!

So we are switching to polyepoxide (epoxy) resin - it is less brittle and correctly scaled for the small pours we do (2 ounces for the inner C rings each, 4 ounces for the blade). It also doesn't fingerprint and it is still clear as a bell!

The prices for these cast parts have been updated slightly with change in cost of materials.

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