Monday, February 7, 2011

Got a lot done yesterday but started getting concerned about how difficult it would be to replace a battery in this thing - and the fact that I only expected the A23's to last about an hour.

A revisit to Thor's blog peaked my interest in Lithium Polymer.  I found a couple of batteries with an average of 10 times the capacity that will fit.  The only thing I am waiting to hear back on is whether I can integrate a charger circuit or not.


  1. The charger circuit I use on mine is actually external to the disc. It is mounted on the stand for the Disc. The disc itself has a charge detection circuit which detects when charging is occurring and lights a charging light and changes the current animation to a set fade animation.

  2. Yeah, I found a couple small ones on that Sparkfun site but they are all for single cell 3.7V and supplied by USB. I found a great deal on a charger and LiPo battery combination that is marketed to the RC sector that will work great. I ordered a gross of them already and posted the specs on my commerce page.