Friday, April 15, 2011

Very important - I forgot to include the 100 ohm resistor in the schematic and I don't want you to burn your voltage regulator out!

I also received these from one of the DIY kit builders which really help to illustrate the blade wiring.  NOTE: the column order on the back C LED's is backwards - wouldn't hurt the back since they are all lit at once but if you want to leverage the same column leads for the front of the disc they would be in the wrong order this way.  Also note that his blade is upside-down compared to how the factory ships these.  Easy enough to flip it and swap row 1 and row 2 when they connect to the Arduino but the INVPOL declaration in the source code would have to be removed (always prefer to change code than to change wiring lol).

Being on such a roll today (and a slight high hearing back from everyone who is building the kits currently) I spent some time updating the bitbucket site with more details on the scanning method, blade wiring, and back inner-C wiring.


  1. Should the column numbers be the same on the left side as well? For example 1 being towards the top with both #8s next to each other. Referring to the third picture with the blade wiring.

  2. That picture is correct... the columns clockwise from the index hole would go 1-8 and then 1-8 again... and there needs to be a wire to connect the two 1's, the two 2's, etc... I will try to Fritz the inner-C wiring today at lunch. Otherwise your prep/etc is looking great!