Monday, April 18, 2011

Blade mold is no good anymore.  That means I am working on my third one and have only cast about 20 blades total.  As a result I have adjusted the pricing for the blade part accordingly.  As a suggestion, if you can find a Kevin Flynn disc at Target for $14 and tear it apart you can use the blade from that disc because it is clear.  Nevermind the fact that one could turn around and sell that Kevin Flynn disc (unopened) for $40 or $50 on eBay!
Some of those blades had to be discarded because of bubbles.  The new mold will be a vertical pour so that the bubbles can work their way up to the top.  This is a little trickier because now we need some boards and clamps to hold the mold tightly together while it is curing.

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