Sunday, October 28, 2012

Parts Sale

I have the following parts left over from my mod project.  Flat $5 shipping to USA.

These are original factory replacement C-rings 
Rinzler C-ring replacement: $8.32 (2 remaining)
Sam Flynn C-ring replacement: $8.32 (2 remaining)

These are factory replacement blades (still have flanges/tabs attached)
Rinzler Blade replacement: $29.46 (2 remaining)
Sam Flynn Blade replacement: $29.46 (8 remaining)

These are factory replacement stands
Sam Flynn replacement stand: $16.64 (2 remaining)

These items are brand new but commonly don't include packaging as they are purchased bulk OEM
Arduino Nano 168: $23.75 (2 remaining)
USB A to B data cable: $1.25 (4 remaining)
LiPo battery: $10.56 (4)
LiPo charger: $17.49 (4)
LiPo cable: $3.20 (4)

Please contact me with the type and quantity you want and your address and I will send you a PayPal invoice out right away.  All these items are ready to ship.

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