Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Sorry I haven't updated you guys in a while.  No big technological breakthroughs to report.  Molds have been holding up nicely.  You guys have been keeping me especially busy the past month or so probably because you realized we are closing in on Halloween.  Sorry to say I am booked on complete custom mods through Halloween (took the last pre-Halloween order today).  Parts and kits are still available with a 1 month backlog, fabric has a 2 week backlog.

I have been getting the assembly line syndrome here churning out all this goodness for you so I dropped a couple projects (Virtual Rain Sensor and Knetic Group) to work on a new project - a flight simulator.  I know, it is completely unrelated but it gives me new problems to solve and to my RPF fans it will be a replica of the Aliens Dropship UD-4L.

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