Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What you have when finished cleaning up the back.

Place the battery door back in and glue it in place from inside using the black hot melt glue.

Next step is to route out the back C ring.  

A couple of gotchas - always work the Dremel bit towards you (pulling the material) on the right side of the bit (outside edge of the track).  Turn the disc around to work the inside track.  Keep it moving... if it sits for too long it will get hot and it is easier to make a mistake.  Use a anti-slip pad (dollar store) on the work surface to help protect the disc and to help you hold everything still.

Next step - Remove front C track - Approximately 45 minutes

First, pop out the existing plastic piece from inside starting at an end and working your way down using the various slots in the track to get access.

Don't try to pull the piece out if you intend to keep it - there is a weak spot where the two LEDs used to fit.

Front half track removed.  Keep the cutting disc parallel to the disc surface and be mindful of where the other side of the cutting disc is... the material for the face of the disc is not super thick.

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